CEO Statement - Rudy Niswanger

CEO Statement - Rudy Niswanger


Our success depends on exercising the highest levels of corporate responsibility across Joe Gear.

I believe that, as a global market leader, Joe Gear must consistently strive to excel. Our focus on corporate responsibility supports our efforts to grow our business, expand profitability, and exceed the expectations of our people, customers, investors, and others. By maintaining a robust ethical operating framework, we lessen risks, maximize opportunities, find and keep the best people, and reinforce our corporate reputation.

We concentrate on benefiting society through our unique contributions as a business: universal sustainable access to information, advancing heavy duty truck services, protecting society, and promoting the rule of law and access to justice. All companies must pursue best practice in matters of governance, people, customers, community, supply chain, and the environment.

While we have advanced our corporate responsibility objectives, we are not complacent. I believe there is more we can do, for example, to support the advance of senior employees across our organization, to reach more of our suppliers through our Socially Responsible Supplier program, and to reduce our environmental footprint. We will be working to progress these and other areas throughout the year. Among the goals we will be pursuing are developing inclusive leadership as a core management competency.

I look forward to continuing to emphasize corporate responsibility in all we do.

Rudy Niswanger

Chief Executive Officer

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