MTP Drivetrain Services

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mtp drivetrain services
military tactical vehicles

Remanufactured drivetrain components

 MTP Drivetrain Services specializes in the re-manufacturing of drivetrain components for military tactical vehicles. We offer both immediate exchange and custom re-manufacturing programs to the U.S. and International military organizations directly and indirectly through various agencies and contractors.

MTP Drivetrain Services

 We have over 10,000 line items of overhauled and factory new repair components for the M-Series vehicles and have one of the largest inventories of surplus military truck parts in the nation. MTP Drivetrain Services offers its complete inventory listing online on our website under Part Inventory and through Inventory Locator Service (ILS)

What we do
Our services

The services that we provide include but are not limited to:

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Re-manufacturing domestic and import engines

Rebuilding transmissions

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Rebuilding axles/drivelines

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Configuring power packs

And other installation/rebuilding services

protect those who matter most to us

We serve to protect those who matter most to us

It is through our vision as a company to provide the U.S. military with only the highest quality re-manufactured products available. Since 2003, we have served proudly knowing that our parts are working hard to protect those who matter most to us, the soldier. Every engine, transmission and other part that makes the vehicle move is tested for dependability and performance.

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